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Great Taste and Nutritional Value in a Brand New Size and Flavor

Country Pure Foods releases new sizes and flavor of its V-Blend vegetable fruit juice

AKRON, Ohio (June XX, 2013) – It’s no secret that nutrition in school lunches has been and continues to be a serious issue. Schools across the nation are tasked with the challenge of creating lunches that meet the USDA guidelines for the National School Lunch Program, while still providing products kids will enjoy. The issue of taste often comes up in some of the most important food groups when it comes to growing children: fruits and vegetables. That is why in 2012 Country Pure Foods developed a way to help children get a full serving of vegetables in their lunches with the introduction of V-Blend Vegetable/Fruit Blend juices.


These new juices help school nutrition planners meet tough vegetable requirements without tasting like vegetables. V-Blends taste like fruit juices, but credits as vegetables in the National School Lunch Program.  Response to V-Blend has been positive throughout the first year and to help meet demand, Country Pure Foods will be releasing some new sizes along with a new flavor to the V-Blend line.  At the 2013 School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference in Kansas City, Mo., Country Pure Foods will release a new flavor, Cherry Star.  Cherry Star is a Cherry and Star Fruit flavored blend of juices that was chosen as the newest flavor by a panel of school children.

“We had a very successful year with the launch of the V-Blend line,” said Raymond Lee, president and CEO of Country Pure Foods.  “That is one of the main reasons we are coming out with these different size, packaging and flavor options. This product was primarily developed to be used as a tool to make it easier for school nutrition planners to meet vegetable requirements. This new line has not only made things easier for industry workers, but it has also increased the total vegetable servings consumed by children, which is a rising concern among industry officials and parents alike.”


Along with the new flavor, Country Pure Foods will also be releasing a variety of new sizes, including 4.23-ounce and 6.75-ounce aseptic juice boxes of its Dragon Punch flavor, a 4.23-ounce aseptic juice box of the Wango Mango flavor and a 4-ounce cup size of the Wango Mango and Dragon Punch.

 “We hope these new sizes and the new flavor expand the V-Blend line and continue to give parents and industry professionals a healthy option they don’t have to worry about,” said Lee.  “The thing we really want to focus on is what kids will actually consume and not throw away, so it’s important for us to make flavors that they will enjoy.”