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RE: Concerns Regarding Arsenic and the Safety of Apple Juice

We are aware of the recent media attention questioning the safety of apple juice and claims by independent consumer groups on the presence of arsenic in 100% apple juice. Please be assured that at Country Pure Foods, juice safety is our top priority. The company has an experienced operations team and extensive quality programs in place to meet this commitment to our customers.

To assure the safety and consistent quality of our products, an approved supplier program is utilized. Raw materials, including fruit juices can only be purchased from approved suppliers. Before gaining approval, supplied products are thoroughly analyzed by highly qualified contract laboratories. Analyses include tests for microbiological organisms, fruit juice authenticity, pesticide residues, arsenic and other heavy metals. Once approved; random analysis is conducted to ensure product safety and supplier compliance to Country Pure Foods specifications. Country Pure Foods operates in compliance with the FDA Code of Juice Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Systems. Under the HACCP regulations, all processes, ingredients, and packaging are evaluated.

In addition to our internal programs, Country Pure Foods works closely with the Juice Products Association (JPA) to stay abreast of new developments and assure the continual safety of juice products in the U.S. marketplace. Based upon thorough scientific evaluation and risk assessment, the FDA has established a specific level of concern for arsenic in apple juice at 23 parts per billion (ppb) and a recommended maximum level for lead in fruit juice at 50 ppb. It is important to note that none of the juice samples tested by Consumer Reports exceeded the 23 ppb level of concern for arsenic or the maximum level for lead in fruit juice. We adhere to the rigorous standards of the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the safety of food products, and require our suppliers to follow appropriate agricultural practices to safeguard all juice products.

As a company, we at Country Pure Foods have set ourselves the following targets:
  • To offer for sale products which consistently satisfy the consumer and are perceived as quality and value for the money
  • To provide outstanding service and products which at least meet customer expectations and are significantly better than any competitive alternative
  • To produce products which are safe, legally compliant with all Federal and State regulations and meet all our customers' requirements
At Country Pure Foods, we are committed to providing safe and nutritious fruit juice products and we support the ongoing scientific research to ensure the quality and safety of all fruit juice.

Raymond K. Lee
President & CEO

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