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Country Pure Foods Reaches Highest Level of Safety Certification

All Country Pure Foods Facilities are now Safe Quality Food Level 3 Certified
AKRON, OHIO (February 28, 2012) — Country Pure Foods is proud to announce all of its facilities have reached Level 3 certification through the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program. Level 3 is the highest level of certification, and only 7 percent of all food companies are Level 3 certified.
Juice safety has always been a priority for Country Pure Foods, but with recent publicized scares in the news the topic is now top-of-mind for many consumers. The SQF Program provides assurance to those consumers with certification that complies with various government and independent agency guidelines, ensuring that all Country Pure Foods’ beverages have been produced, prepared and handled following the highest possible standards.
The SQF Program is a comprehensive, internationally recognized food safety and quality management certification system developed by the SQF Institute. Companies such as Wal-Mart and Sysco are now mandating that all suppliers be SQF certified, and others are soon to follow. It can take two to three years to reach Level 3 certification, which means Country Pure Foods will be one of the few Level 3 certified companies for years to come.
“We’ve worked on the SQF certification process for several years because it’s important for us to show our cutomers and the general public consuming our products that we are committed to providing quality juice,” said Raymond Lee, President and CEO of Country Pure Foods. “Now major retailers are requiring it, and we’re proud to say we’re fully certified.”
To achieve SQF Certification, manufacturers must have comprehensive quality and food safety programs in place that contain policies, procedures, verification activities, record keeping, etc., to support the programs, and include external audits and verification. Certification levels are based on the following requirements:
·         Level 1—food safety fundamentals, which cover basic food safety requirements
·         Level 2—also requires certified HACCP-based food safety plans
·         Level 3—comprehensive food safety and quality management system, which incorporates all Level 1 and Level 2 requirements, plus HACCP-based food quality plans
Reaching Level 3 benefits Country Pure Foods and its partners by ensuring the highest quality of juice safety and providing consumers with peace of mind.
For more information about Country Pure Foods or SQF certification, visit or call customer service at 1.877.99JUICE (1.877.995.8423).