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Response to Detection of Carbendazim in Brazilian Orange Juice

January 19, 2012
To Our Loyal Customers:
We are aware of the recent media attention regarding the detection of carbendazim in orange juice from Brazil. Carbendazim is a fungicide used to control mold on citrus and other food crops. Please be assured that at Country Pure Foods, juice safety is our top priority. We are proud to produce high quality beverages which are safe and legally compliant with all Federal and State regulations.
Along with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) we assure you there is no need for concern. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agrees, declaring that the trace amounts of fungicide detected in some imported juice products pose no risk to public health.
As a precaution, the FDA is testing all incoming imported orange juice at the ports for the presence of carbendazim.  Juice that is found to exceed guidelines established by the FDA cannot be sold in America and will not be sold by Country Pure Foods.
Our Company takes this matter seriously and will continue to follow the guidelines established by the FDA. We want to thank you for your continued support and confidence in our juice products.
Country Pure Foods