How can I tell if my juice is really 100% pure juice?
Country Pure Foods maintains a strict supplier approval process for fruit juice concentrates and not-from-concentrate juices. To gain our approval, the potential supplier must first submit samples for sensory evaluation. The next step includes testing for authenticity, pesticide residue, and nutritional analysis. After approval, random, unannounced tests are conducted to assure 100% compliance to Country Pure Foods’ standards. If the label says it is "100% Pure Juice," then it is 100% Pure Juice…Always.


Is my juice pasteurized?
Yes. All Country Pure Foods' products are pasteurized. 

What is the difference between juice and a juice cocktail or drink?
A "juice" must be 100% pure fruit juice with no added sweeteners. Some juices may be fortified with Vitamin C or Calcium, and some may contain pulp. 
A "juice cocktail" or "juice drink" is any fruit drink that is less than 100% fruit juice. Most of our juice drinks contain between 10% - 50% pure fruit juice. The percentages can be made up of one juice or a blend of juices. A juice drink also contains sweeteners and flavors.

Are the products I purchase Kosher approved?
Yes. All of our products, with the exception of grape juice, grape drink, 100% fruit juice blend, guava nectar, and strawberry-banana nectar, are certified kosher under the Orthodox supervision of the Rabbinical Council of New England. We undergo re-certification on a yearly basis. Look for the KVH emblem on our products. 

Some of your products have the Florida Sunshine Tree. What does that seal mean?
The Florida Department of Citrus licenses the Florida Sunshine Tree. A product displaying this seal must contain only Florida grown citrus. 

How do I read the code on the products?
All Country Pure Foods’ products are date coded. Codes are located either on the individual package or on the shipping case. The coding format used is determined by the product and package type. 
For example, we use a Julian date on our frozen portion juice products. A code such as N3659A1 can be found on the shipping case. Since the product is shipped frozen and we do not know the date it is thawed by the customer, this date code tells us the date the product was manufactured. 
The first alpha character is a manufacturing plant location code. The next four digits (i.e. 3659) are the actual date code. The first three digits are the day of the year, in this case, the 365th day of the year, or December 31st. The last digit represents the year.  In this example, the "9" refers to 2009.
The juice products that are shipped chilled or refrigerated, such as a 64 oz. carton found in your local grocery store, are coded with a “Best By” date (i.e. DEC 31 2009 E) found on top of the gable. Any alpha or numeric characters following the date represent the manufacturing plant location and stock information.

What is the shelf life of juice produced by Country Pure Foods?
Dated Portion Cup Fruit Juices are available in 4 oz. and 6 oz. and are delivered to the customer with a minimum of 35 days of shelf life. Each unit is coded on the lid with a "Best By" date code. Fruit juices must be stored refrigerated (34°F to 38°F).
Frozen Fruit Juice Concentrates have a shelf life of:
  • One year from the pack date when stored frozen (5°F or lower)
  • 14 days when stored refrigerated (34°F to 38°F)
  • Concentrates should be thawed overnight under refrigerated conditions; most will pour under semi-frozen conditions
  • Reconstituted juice should be used within 48 hours of adding water
  • The manufacture date is printed on the shipper box and carton top
  • The manufacture date is the Julian date plus the last digit of the year (i.e. 3659 is December 31, 2009)
Ardmore Farms® Select Grove® Aseptic Ready-To-Drink Juices and Juice Concentrates are coded with a "Best By" date and are delivered to the customer with 60 days of shelf life.
Ardmore Farms® Select Grove® Fruit Juices are coded with a "Best By" date and are delivered to the customer with 35 days of shelf life.
Natural Country® Fruit Juices and Nectars are coded with a "Best By" date and are delivered to the customer with 45 days of shelf life.
Country Pure Foods' guaranteed shelf life is based on the arrival of the product at our customer's storage facility.  We make every attempt to ship with more than the guaranteed amount of shelf life. 

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What brands does Country Pure Foods manufacture?
We manufacture 100% fruit juice, fruit juice cocktails/drinks, nectars, and water cups. The brand names include:
Smooth-Frozen® SideKicks™
Ardmore Farms®
Glacier Valley®
Natural Country®

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Are Country Pure Foods' products gluten free?
Yes. Our products are gluten free.

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Where can I find pallet configuration information for your products?
Click on the following link:  Pallet Configurations

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Who do I call if I have a comment or question or require additional information?
You can contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-99-JUICE or in writing at our Akron headquarters:
         222 S. Main St, Suite 401
         Akron, OH  44308
You may also talk to your Regional Sales Manager by clicking here.

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